Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner – Invasive jewelry that harnesses body energy

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner attaches to wearer’s body

We have been so rigorous in our consumption of non-renewable sources of energy that now it is renewable and also some unexplored sources of energy that we want to harness. With the rising demand of eco-friendly sources of energy, one intuitive designer has her own vision of harnessing energy. Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer has put forth her vision of invasive jewelry called Energy Addicts which makes your body as the source of energy. The vision is to make jewelry that is embedded into the surface of skin to harness the kinetic energy generated from the flow of blood in the veins.

One piece of this wearable jewelry is the Blinker which Naomi created to harness the energy created while blinking eyes. For example when on blinks the eye, there is increased flow of blood in the area around the eyes and an embedded piece of nose jewelry can collect that energy to light up an LED or perhaps charge your mobile devices. The jewelry will be made from gold and 3D printed biopolymer material, making it a unique jewelry that we haven’t seen so far.

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Blinker harvests the energy generated from blinking of eyes

Naomi Kizhner has created all these body energy harvesting jewelry as a part of her graduation project at Jerusalem’s Hadassah College. Have a look at some pictures of this concept jewelry that pushes the limit of bodily endurance since it requires invasion into the veins.

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Blood Bridge attaches to the wearer and harnesses energy from the flow of blood in veins

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Needles that go deep into the body surface

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

The Blood Bridge

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner


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