OM Audio launches world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker

OM audio’s OMOne levitating speaker

Image Credit: Engadget

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market today, but I can assure you neither of them can be as cool as the OM/One floating speakers. The Bluetooth speakers are developed by OM Audio which have already produced some smart audio accessories such as the Inearpeace earphones and Mantra speakers in the past. OM/One levitating speaker floats and spins in mid-air bringing your favorite music to you. The levitation surely looks like a cool stunt, but according to the company besides providing a delightful sight it also helps the sound to travel better and allow the speaker to consume less power.

Equipped with basic Bluetooth 4.0 specifications, the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker syncs with your smartphone and also features on-board microphone for speakerphone. The speaker base comes with an electromagnet which responds to a Neo magnet in the speaker, allowing it to float in the air with just a tap or push.

The OM/One orb can be used with or without its magnetic base (which needs an AC adapter). The speaker uses only 3 watts because of the increased surface area, therefore can provide up to 15 hours of continuous play.

Currently on a crowdfunding campaign, it looks like OM audio’s OM/One levitating speaker will be able raise the funding goal comfortably. Expected to be available in December, you can pre-order one right now for $179.

OM audio’s OMOne levitating speaker

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