Propane-powered ProGo 3000 scooter folds for ease of transportation

Propane-powered ProGo 3000 scooter

Small motor scooters, especially electric ones, have become a popular mode of transportation. Being easy to carry and store, these scooters are really cost effective and add a whole lot of fun. But, there’s a catch, electric scooters take a long time to charge and have a limited range, to provide an alternative with a unique fuel choice, Los Angeles-based ProGo Recreation has developed a propane-powered ProGo 3000 scooter.

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Propane may not be completely green fuel, but it’s much cleaner to gasoline. Moreover, it has higher energy density, so a less of propane is used for the same amount of riding an electric scooter. ProGo 3000 scooter features a standard 16.4-oz (465-g) propane cylinder, has a 25-cc four-stroke engine and can ride non-stop for 60km odd on one cylinder.

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Capable of hitting top speeds of 32 km/h, the ProGo 3000 scooter is street legal – at least in all areas where gas scooters are legal. The 15.9kg ProGo has a folding steel frame for ease of transport, a pull start engine and front and rear disc brakes and can carry a payload of 125kg (if you weigh heavier, you’ll have to trim down to ride this).

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Planned to retail for $449, ProGo Recreation has launched Kickstarter campaign for ProGro 3000 scooter. It has already raised $43,510 (at the time of writing), well above its $18,000 goal with another 11 days to go.

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