Robird – 3D printed flying robotic birds that look incredibly real!

Robird 3D printed robotic bird

Birds are one of the god’s most beautiful creations, but flock of these birds can be a menace for agriculture as they tend to destroy crops. Not only this, they can pose a real threat to the aviation industry as they get stuck in airplane engines and raise serious issues, some so extreme that they have resulted in major airplane accidents due to engine failure as they get stuck in the airstream. To come to terms with this problem, Clear Flight Solutions has come up with Robird, a pair of 3D printed robotic birds that look like a real falcon and eagle. Dubbed as Robird Peregrine Falcon and Robird Eagle, these 3D printed robotic birds look so real that one cannot identify them just from quite a few yards about their robotic credentials.

Both these robotic 3D printed birds have been created from 3D printed glass fiber and nylon material, making them lightweight and agile. Clear Flight Solutions has already demonstrated the success of these prototype birds in some really bird infested areas, such as airport runways and places within the perimeter of high density air traffic.
This is a great leap for 3D printed industry and robotics too, as it is going to solve a very inherent problem of birds being in a place they should not be for their own safety, as well as the safety of aviation related commuting.

The company is going to test the Robirds all through 2014 and finally will release the robotic birds in the early half of 2015. The price and availability of these robotic birds is not yet revealed, so keep hanging on. As soon as there is some revelation, we’ll keep you updated.

Robird 3D printed robotic bird

Via: 3DPrint



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