Auto-writing Japanese robot by Gakken

Automate writing robot by Gakken

Blokes from the Far East never seize to amaze us with their unique and useful creations that solve some inherent purpose. This time too, it is no different as Gakken and Maywa Denki as they have come up with an automated writing robot that captures our imagination. Dubbed as Automa-te, this auto writing hand is also known as Auto-Writing Machine which writes in Japanese. The machine works by having a combination of three plates that rotate and are caught by spring-loaded hand to draw the desired shape.

The robot is equipped with a calligraphy pen and one AA battery to power it up for the next writing challenge. For now the machine can only write the letter A in Japanese, the word ‘Tosa’ and draw a picture. This is just the initial step in development of a fully automated writing robot, but a step none the less. Interestingly you can get this niche gadget for 3,780 Yen ($37) right off the Gakken website.

Automate writing robot by Gakken

Source: Adafruit



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