Vaavud launches world’s first handheld wind meter

Vaavud wind meter V 2.0

For people who are engaged into activities that requires precise information about the wind, we present to you the world’s first handheld wind meter that measures both wind speed and direction. Created by Vaavud, a Denmark-based start-up, this is firm’s second project after Vaavud wind meter which was well-acknowledged by the people. Now they are back with their new product in the form of Vaavud wind meter V 2.0 that can provide you with data regarding wind speeds and direction anywhere, anytime.

Inspired by professional cup anemometers, the Vaavud wind meter V 2.0 comes with a pocket friendly design sporting two cups instead of three. The Vaavud wind meter is extremely durable, thanks to the low friction Teflon bearing and the molded rotor. The device is compatible with most major Android phones and with all iPhones from 4 and onwards as well all iPads from 2 and onwards.

Equipped with The Vaavud App, the device provides you the real time wind graph. It allows you to check the conditions at your favorite spot on the global live map. Along with that, a user can also see personal measurement history across all his/her devices. Expected to be available by September 2014, the world’s first handheld wind meter project was launched on Kickstarter where is successfully raised twice than the projected goal of £20,000.

 Vaavud wind meter V 2.0



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