Surprise bystanders by sending secret audio message with Telephoto MegaFon

Telephoto MegaFon loudspeaker

Taking inspiration from the Doraemon Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio, Fuji Xerox has come up with a Four-dimensional pocket Project also known as Telephoto MegaFon. This is a cool new gadget that is 3D printed and made after detailed R&D for product design. Now coming on to the point, it is a loudspeaker that relays the message to the person on whom the focus is set. It reminds me of the sniper gun which can hit the target from considerable distance. Reminiscent to that the Telephoto MegaFon focuses on the person’s ear from quite a fair distance and then whatever your whisper in the loudspeaker it is heard loud and clear at the other end.

The parts of this new kind of gizmo are made from 3D printing, along with the metal parts that support the scope. There is a laser rangefinder in the scope which measures the distance from the loudspeaker to the person and adjusts the volume accordingly.

This amazing tool can be used to relay secret messages to your friends from a distance or perhaps to bamboozle a random person walking on the street. Telephoto MegaFon is still in prototype stage, but coming from the Japanese land you can expect to see it up for purchase any time soon. We’ll keep you updated if there is any development, in the mean-while you enjoy the video that shows Telephoto MegaFon in action.

Telephoto MegaFon loudspeaker

Source: FujiXerox



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