Now you can build a Lego brick drone at home

Lego drone kit

How about building your own drone with Lego bricks? You can actually do that now. Lego Brick Drone project by GenCode Systems, Inc. gives you an opportunity to build a DIY drone kit at home with your friends and family, thus adding lot of fun and education to the experience. Easy to fly and simple to maintain, the drone mostly uses bricks for construction except electronics, hardware and motor mounts for safety. Once glued together and fitted with all the relevant rotors and control mechanisms, the lightweight Lego drone is powerful enough to lift a GoPro action camera.

Created by Ed Scott, a Software Developer and Designer back in 2012, the device is world’s first flyable and fully autonomous quadcopter frame made entirely of Lego bricks. However, it was converted into a fully autonomous robot in 2013 by using the 3DR APM flight controller. After that Ed Scott joined hands with 3D printing expert and a battery engineer Nick Margarone to take the project further. Now together they are offering everything you need to make a drone from Lego bricks. The light-weight Lego drone kit is currently raising money on crowd funding website Kickstarter with a funding goal of $200. You can also back the project with a minimum pledge of $1.

Lego drone kit

Lego drone kit

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