How about a wearable chair?

Chairless Chair by Noonee

Noonee, a Zurich-based startup has developed a chair that doesn’t come anywhere close to a looking like a chair but can come to your aid whenever needed. Dubbed The Chairless Chair, it can be worn like an exoskeleton and can assist you like a chair anywhere. The device offers full mobility and is specifically created for production line workers who are required to stand for a major part of their work schedule. The wearable chair is designed to make the work process comfortable and reduce the risk of exposure to muscle related disorders.

The Chairless Chair weighs only two kilograms and is constructed from aluminum and carbon fiber. It is easier to wear as the device never touches the ground and the provided belt and straps firmly secures it around the hip and waist of the user. Directed towards the heels of the shoes, a variable damper engages and supports the wearer’s bodyweight. A cool thing about the contraption is that when not activated, it allows the wearer to walk normally and even run. And as the power is turned on, the device locks into place to turn into a comfortable chair.

Available in various sitting configurations, the wearable chair currently runs for about 24 hours on a single 6V battery.

Attracting interest from big names in the industry, The Chairless Chair is already scheduled for production line trials with BMW and Audi later this year.

Chairless Chair by Noonee

Chairless Chair by Noonee

Via: CNN



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