Lockheed Martin is developing exoskeletons for the US Navy

Lockheed Martin FORTIS exoskeleton

Lockheed Martin, American global advanced technology company is developing exoskeletons for the US Navy. The futuristic, unpowered and light-weight exoskeletons are being designed to provide strength, flexibility and endurance to its wearer. In the first agreement, the Navy will use two FORTIS exoskeletons units to carry heavy loads for the testing purpose. In this initial process, the company will be moving further to upgrade the device so that it can be used in Navy shipyards. FORTIS will allow the wearer to use heavy tools with a much less effort. Thus, the operator will be able to hold heavy equipment for a longer period with much less muscle fatigue.

Whether in standing or kneeling positions, the FORTIS exoskeleton transfers loads through the exoskeleton to the ground. The advanced ergonomic design of the wearable moves naturally with the body of the user and adapts to different body types and heights. The operators are able to hold objects up to 36 pounds with ease by using the Equipois zeroG arm, thus avoiding muscle injury and reducing muscle fatigue. One of the Lockheed Martin FORTIS exoskeleton will be tested at Virginia’s Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the other at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in the state of Washington.

Lockheed Martin FORTIS exoskeleton

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