Build your diesel powered airplane in just two weeks

Glasair self assembled airplane

You could make a four-seater aircraft on your own and that too just in two weeks’ time flat. Arlington-based Glasair, a Washington based company owned by Jilin Hanxing Group Co. Ltd. Will soon be giving you that option as they have plans to collaborate with a Chinese company Continental Motors of Mobile, to make it possible. This highly customizable aircraft uses jet fuel that can burn in any DIY plane and is much easier to find.

Glasair self assembled airplane

According to the pilots who have tested the airplane, the fuel efficiency is quite good, in-fact 30 percent less than gasoline fuel that is used in such kind of aircrafts. The aircraft can cruise for a duration of an hour on just five gallons of fuel which is impressive considering the fact that aircrafts can be real fuel consumers.

This self-assembled aircraft can cost you around $60,000 which is cheaper than the petrol-powered version which costs as much as $189,000. For starters Glasair is giving its customers the option to build their own plane at the company headquarters in Arlington.

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