My Friend Cayla – World’s first interactive doll with a personality of her own

Vivid My Friend Cayla doll

My Friend Cayla interactive doll

As a child, all girls have had Barbie in their closet to enjoy the childhood days. Now as technology has bloated up into huge proportions, we were expecting the dolls to evolve too. That evolution has come in the shape of My Friend Cayla, an internet connected interactive doll manufactured by UK-based Vivid that can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet. This smart doll uses speech recognition software and Google Translate technology, lending it the ability to answer any range of questions that a child might want to ask her. My Friend Cayla doll can also indulge in real-time conversations with another person making it a really good toy to have.

Vivid My Friend Cayla doll

Connects with your smartphone and tablet

This 18 inch tall doll is designed in such a way that it gives the impression of a seven year old girl child that is much smarter, courtesy its seamless information database, which is Google. Keeping in mind the parental concern about the search results that will be relayed by the doll, there is a security feature to filter out adult content. This feature also makes sure that word list for offending words are also kept out.

Vivid My Friend Cayla doll

Can be dressed and styled in variety of ways for fun

The doll is connected to your mobile device via an app that is also pre-programmed to showcase the doll’s personality with a database of her family, pets, favorite food like pizza and other things. The doll is a welcome addition to the robotics market which is dominated by boy oriented gadgets.

Vivid My Friend Cayla doll

You child’s best friend that knows everything they need to know

My Friend Cayla can be yours for just £59.99, and you won’t get bored of this cool little doll that will become your child’s best friend over time.



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