Caviar designs gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

Italian luxury phone maker Caviar have designed an exclusive gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Designed by Elijah Giacometti, the jeweler got the inspiration for designing the phone from the enchanting beauty and color of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan while he was travelling the captivating country in Central Asia. The gold-plated iPhone Caviar Kazakistan comes engraved with main attractions of the capital such as Astana Pyramid of Peace and Accord and the, Bayterek tower, a popular tourist attraction whose shape represents a poplar tree holding a golden egg. Along with that, the luxurious phone is also decorated with many national symbols.

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

The CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan is a limited edition of just five units. Each gold-plated phone will come with a unique phone number engraving and with an Italian phrase: Dedicated to the Great Kazakhstan. From Pearl Penn, written at the bottom of the phone. Available in 64GB version, the luxury phone is priced at $4,340. Kazakhstan amateur boxer Serik Sapiyev, who won the world title in the light welterweight division in 2005 & 2007 and Olympic Gold in 2012 at welterweight is one lucky owner of the gold-plated iPhone Caviar Kazakistan.

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

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