Beacon Stickers by Estimote are up for pre-order now

Estimote Beacon Stickers

After receiving lot of praise for their low-energy Bluetooth beacons, leading beacon startups Estimote have taken the technology one step further by the introduction of new super tiny beacon stickers. You can attach these small wireless sensors to any location or object and they will broadcast tiny radio signals which can be received and interpreted by your smartphone, thus providing you the location and the contextual information. Apps on your smartphone with the Estimote SDK are able to understand their proximity to nearby locations and objects. The Stickers are certified iBeacon compatible with SDKs, apps and Estimote Cloud too.

Estimote Stickers comes equipped with powerful ARM processor with flash memory, Bluetooth Smart module and temperature & motion sensors. They are powered by a coin battery and broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas. Designed to be placed on everyday objects, Estimote Stickers will transform an item into a smart, intelligent and connected device that will transmit data about its location, temperature and motion. Thus, allowing a person to have a better and richer experience of his/her surroundings. The Estimote Stickers are available for pre-order now and will be available by October. A pack of 10 pieces is priced at $99.

Estimote Beacon Stickers

Via: Estimote Blog



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