Design studio Featuring-Featuring develops an autonomous boat

Autonomous Boat by Featuring-Featuring

We have come across plenty of autonomous cars and bikes in the recent past, so for a change, we thought let’s bring you something beyond road vehicles. Well, how about an autonomous boat? Featuring-Featuring, a design studio founded by Tom Gottelier in collaboration with Bobby Petersen have developed a one man self-driving boat. The small vessel is designed to transport one passenger comfortably in a predetermined path. The passenger boat is powered by a smartphone and managed by a propulsion system.

Equipped with two small motors fitted to each side of the keel which are controlled by the boats computer and GPS, the Autonomous boat has no rudder. The auto boat is 2.4m long and 950mm wide and built from marine ply veneered in American cherry. The wood was chosen both for its high strength-to-weight ratio and color, which will darken in sunlight. Durable and heavy American white oak is used for the keel. The project was developed in collaboration with the expert help of boat builder Will Reed and programmer Jonas Jongejan. The design studio did not want to design just another chair rather they wanted to create a unique experience for the exhibition “Out of the Woods: The Adventures 12 Hardwood Chairs” at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Autonomous Boat by Featuring-Featuring

Autonomous Boat by Featuring-Featuring

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