Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt monitors health during athletic activates

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

US Open 2014 is just about to get underway and we will see a glimpse of the new revolutionary Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt which defines the epitome of wearable technology in a fashion-forward way. This advanced t-shirt has electrocardiogram and breathing sensors knitted into the fabric which aid in reading the biological and physiological information to give very accurate detail of your current body physics on your smartphone via an app. The Polo Tech shirt has been developed in association with Canadian-based OMsignal who have a team of expert neuroscience sports medicine and engineering personnel at their disposal.

All the data collected by the shirt is stored in a black box which has an accelerometer and gyroscope to capture the movement and direction. Thereafter all this data is transmitted to the cloud where it is processed by complex algorithms to measure all the major performance-based biometric data like heartbeat, respiration, calories burnt, energy output and stress levels.

Ralph Lauren Introduces The Next Evolution Of Wearable Technology

This stretchable t-shirt is perfect for athletic activities and looks quite sporty in black color and the fluorescent colored Polo logo on the front left side. The Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt will be worn by Marcos Giron, the No. 1 singles player in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, who is playing in his first Grand Slam in Flushing. He will wear the shirt during practice sessions to track biometrics and make adjustments in his playing style to optimize for better performance. Along with that the shirt will be worn by several ball boys during select matches at Billie Jean National Tennis Center.

Ralph Lauren Introduces The Next Evolution Of Wearable Technology

Stéphane Marceau, CEO of OMsignal said

It was clear from our very first meeting that Ralph Lauren had clarity of mind about the future of fashion tech. Its legendary Polo brand and unparalleled design and merchandising capabilities make Ralph Lauren a natural partner to bring smart clothing technology into everyday lives.

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

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