SonicEye: World’s first FDA-approved wearable ultrasound probe

SonicEye finger worn ultrasound probe

It is really difficult to find low or faint vein of a patient. Doctors and surgeons have to rely on portable ultrasound machines to examine fluid flow, vascular access, nerve block or small organ problems, but a new FDA-approved wearable ultrasound probe promises to allow clinicians to see, feel and conduct a host of medical applications simultaneous. Developed by Beaverton, Oregon-based startup Sonivate Medical, the SonicEye is a finger worn ultrasound probe which promotes physical exploration or examination of body.

SonicEye, which can be worn on the top half of the index finger, allows doctors to look through their finger and conduct numerous medical applications. With the SonicEye, doctors can analyzing wounds, checking for flow of fluids or carry out guided biopsies by utilizing both hands – and seeing the affected area by just placing their finger on it.

SonicEye finger worn ultrasound probe-1

Showcased at ASE 2014, the SonicEye is one of the first truly wearable medical devices, and it can be used with a range of ultrasound systems and can also be used with smart eyewear like the Google Glass. With combined grants from U.S. Army Medical and Material Research Command and round of funding from angel investors, the finger worn ultrasound probe is scheduled to reach $1.4 billion probe market through Japan-based Fukuda Denshi. Hit the jump to see video demonstration of the SonicEye.

Via: GeekWire



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