Pininfarina Sky Drone is the Ferrari of quadcopter arena

Pininfarina Sky Drone

Pininfarina, Italian car design firm and coachbuilder in Cambiano, Italy has taken upon itself to design world’s most advanced drone that will take everyone by surprise. Actually you can it the Ferrari of the UAV world with stylish looks, aerodynamic designing and performance that is among the best so far. Since the Pininfarina Sky Drone is designed keeping in mind the airflow mechanism at height from the ground, it considerably lowers the chances of this drone getting unstable due to convection of hot and cold air.

Sky Drone is quite maneuverable and is loaded with an HD camera that is capable of shooting videos and taking still shots with good image stabilization. Moreover the drone can be self-assembled by following the instructions that come with the package.

The drone will come in self-assembly kits that are divided into separate series with 7.99 EUR for the first set and 15.99 for the subsequent ones for the Italian market only for now. It is expected to be available for worldwide market soon, and other competitors in the quadcopter market better watch out.

Pininfarina Sky Drone

Pininfarina Sky Drone

Pininfarina Sky Drone



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