The Calming Stone provides relief from panic attacks and anxiety

The Calming Stone by Ramon Telfer

Are you looking for a solution besides meditation to control your negative emotions and calm you nerves? Well, here is something interesting for you. Wellington-based designer Ramon Telfer have created an innovative hand-held device for those who experience panic attacks and anxiety. Named The Calming Stone, the smooth pebble-shaped device offers multiple techniques to provide relief during anxiety episodes or panic attacks to the user anywhere, anytime. Working with anxiety psychologists, Telfer developed the Calming Stone based on the techniques that he had learnt to manage his own panic attacks.

The device releases cool air onto the face of the user encouraging calmer breathing. One can use lavender capsules to scent the air and for aid relaxation. It features a wireless in-ear headphone to guide the user through a series of meditations. The 3D-printed prototype has been tested using heart rate and skin conductivity monitors. The results indicate a significant change in stress levels as shown by pulse rate, respiration levels and mood response feedback.
The straightforward control panel is simple to operate in the time of a panic attack and the built-in light ensures it to be helpful even in dark. The Calming Stone by Ramon Telfer is currently in prototype stage, however the designer is looking for investments to turn it into a reality.

The Calming Stone by Ramon Telfer

The Calming Stone by Ramon Telfer

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