Samsung Gear Circle: Smart wearable can act as a necklace

Samsung Gear Circle

All the major tech giants are focusing their attention more on the development of wearable gadgets these days. And it looks like, Samsung is leading the race at this moment. Yesterday we showed you the all new Gear S smartwatch unveiled by Samsung. The curved designed Tizen-based next generation wearable comes with 3G connectivity and offers smartphone experience to your wrist. However, the smartwatch is not the only wearable that was launched by the South Korean company. They also announced Gear Circle, a pair of wireless earphones that can be worn around the neck just like a necklace when not in use.

Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung Gear Circle can be paired to a smartphone for listening to music and to make voice commands through a Bluetooth connection. The wearable device vibrates to alert the user about incoming calls and notifications. When not in use, you can proudly wear the Samsung Gear Circle as a fashion accessory around your neck. The next generation wearable comes with a magnetic clasp, so that a user can easily tie it around his/her throat. Gear Circle will be available for purchase from October and will be offered in three colors: black, blue and white.

Samsung Gear Circle

Via: TheVerge



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