Iron Man suit complete with arc reactor made from cardboard

Peter Bruce Iron Man costume made from cardboard

30 August is an epic day of geek culture. Fans of sci-fi, gaming and comics will all gearing to get a glimpse of some of the neediest cosplays at the CamCon event in Cambridge. One cosplayer who is certainly going to impress one and all at the geek culture convention is 28-year-old Peter Bruce. Peter, a cinema worker by profession, has crafted an Iron Man suit from cardboard and papier mache and has painted it in the Iron Man colors.

Peter Bruce Iron Man costume made from cardboard-1

The DIY suit is made at a cost of only £50 (approx. $80) and it comes complete with a helmet. The most striking thing about this budget Iron Man suit is an arc reactor made from ten LED and lid of an old jar embedded right in the heart of the costume. Peter is extremely good at costume creation, working with cinema, he has made costumes to promote movies showing in the cinema complex.

Peter Bruce Iron Man costume made from cardboard-2

One of his more notable creations include a wearable Formula 1 car made from cardboard to promote the movie Rush. Although, Iron Man suit isn’t made for a movie promotion, but this costume is surely a fair contender for the first prize at the multi-genre geek competition – CamCon.

Via: Metro



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