Google is developing a system of drones to deliver goods

Google Project Wing drone

Amazon and Domino’s Pizza Inc. have already invested in the development of delivery drones to provide goods to their online customers. Adding to the competition, Google is also building a fleet of drones that will deliver goods to the people much faster. Named Project Wing, the idea behind the delivery drones comes from the house of Google’s “X” lab. A team led by Nick Roy, a MIT aeronautics professor has been working on this project for two years. However, the company believes it would take years to develop a fleet of fully-functional flying drones that could achieve multiple deliveries per day.

Google tested a 5-foot-wide single-wing prototype of its Project Wing about two weeks ago in Australia. The test drone delivered candy bars, dog treats, a first aid kit, radios and water to two farmers in Queensland after covering a distance of almost one kilometer. With a height of 2½ feet, Google’s drones will come with four propellers that can adjust into different positions for various stages of flight. The packages can be securely placed at a cavity in the middle of the wing. However, Google and other companies venturing into flying drones will need government approval to fly commercial drones in many countries, including the U.S too. Currently hobbyists and model aircraft makers are the only ones that are allowed to fly drones by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Via: Foxnews



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