An affordable full-size cardboard Jet Fighter Cockpit from Dogfight Boss

cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss

Most of us would love to own a personal home cockpit for playing flying simulators and games at home. However, the high-cost doesn’t allow us to do that. But now here is a golden opportunity for you to own a full scale cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss. Founded by Lukas Homola, it offers low-cost and durable simulator suitable cockpit for all you gamers and flying enthusiasts out there. Made out of corrugated cardboard, the cockpit shape is based on three US fighters, mainly the F-22. High resolution textures are created by taking photos of the cockpits of vintage planes from a local museum.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the cardboard cockpit is extremely durable as its ribbed construction allows you to install your joystick, pedals, throttle and LCD display comfortably. The cockpit is customizable as the cardboard can be cut in minutes to accommodate various equipment such as gauges, Ipad, lead wires and more. The standard cardboard jet fighter cockpit comes with dimensions of 1.6m x 1.86m, 0.95m and can accommodate an office chair, a LCD monitor up to 22” and a joystick that can be placed either in the center or the right hand side. If you want one such cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss for yourself, support them on Kickstarter to help them raise the funding goal of £15,000 goal.

cardboard Jet Fighter cockpit by Dogfight Boss

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