MOTA to debut its hi-tech wearable SmartRing at IFA, Berlin

MOTA SmartRing

MOTA will soon debut its wearable SmartRing, a sophisticated, hi-tech ring that’ll display alerts and various kind of notifications from your smartphone. The user needs to wear it like a normal ring, and connect it with Android phones or even an iPhone. It’ll receive notifications of incoming calls, text messages, calendar notifications and emails.

MOTA SmartRing 5

The sole purpose is to let users choose which call they wish to answer to or to know whenever a mail lands in their email inbox without taking the smartphone out of their pockets. While, driving or under busy circumstances, it’ll keep you updated regarding all kind of communication or social media notifications.

MOTA SmartRing 8

Then notifications are displayed in the form of text. The user needs to scroll through words with a speed that suits him/her the best. The audio and tactile alerts can be enabled/disable at will. The wearable device also works with popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, and Linkedin etc.

MOTA SmartRing 4

Explaining the purpose and the need of developing SmartRing, MOTA Co-founder Kevin Faro said:

“Notification of incoming calls, texts and app information has become the single most important function of a mobile phone. But it’s also become a major thorn in the side of the mobile user. The types and sources of notifications are proliferating rapidly. Increasingly many are being presented as urgent. Users tell us they continually have to delve into different apps on their phones and are becoming swamped trying to keep up. The MOTA SmartRing gives wearers a super easy and very natural way to see who’s trying to reach them anytime, anywhere.”

MOTA SmartRing 3

The SmartRing and the app will be unveiled at IFA consumer electronic event 2014 in Berlin. The event will showcase hi-tech gadgets ranging from interactive personal devices to intelligent mobile and music accessories. The event will begin on September 5 and will end on September 10, 2014.

MOTA SmartRing 6

This hi-tech gadget doesn’t look an ugly accessory, rather it’s incredibly compact, very lightweight, and water resistant. The vibrant screen makes sure the user could see clearly even in bright light conditions, like on a sunny day. The ring will be available in two colors – midnight black or pearl while. The price is likely to be announced at IFA in Berlin. Now, you can stay updated in style and choose not to let unwanted calls and notifications disturb you.

MOTA SmartRing 7




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