Chinese duo builds two Lamborghini Diablo replicas

handmade Lamborghini Diablo replica

Handmade Lamborghini Diablo Replica

Chinese people are the supreme leaders when it comes to building replicas of expensive sports car. In the past, we have seen so many incredible replicas built by car lovers from China. Today also, we are bringing you two beautiful handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo from the most populous country in the world. Created by racing car fanatics Wang Yu and Li Lintao, the handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo can reach the top speed of 310km/h. The construction work has been carried out in a garage rented out by the pair on the outskirts of Beijing and currently they are working on a replica of the T-Rex motorcycle.

Wang Yu and Li Lintao spent around 5 million yuan (about USD 811,899) to buy parts for the two replicas and to hire workers for carrying out the construction work. It took them approximately 6 years to assemble the replicas with the skill and knowledge that they have gained from studying mechanology abroad for nearly a decade. The duo became popular at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in 2012 after showing their first handmade replica of Lamborghini Diablo. The second handmade Lamborghini replica was sold to Alibaba as a collection.

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