Epson introduces Runsene GPS health tracking watch series

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Epson has already delivered some fine sports watches for health tracking. Soon, Epson will be rolling out its new Runsense GPS watches and Pulsense heart rate activity monitor. Starting from November, Runsense will be available in three models, SF-310, SF-510 and SF-810 staring at 180 euros. SF-810 is the top model and is expensive than other two watches in the same series.

All the watches in Runsene have built-in GPS for accurate tracking of runs. The watch also have a built-in optical heart rate sensor that tracks pulse directly from the watch. That means, now the user doesn’t need to put ugly chest straps anymore. Top model SF-810 gives the user total 36 measures that include speed, pace, distance, laps, calories burned while running, walking or cycling. The included GPS would provide accurate map readouts afterwards.

Epson Runsene GPS watch

As an additional feature, SF-810 can also measure stride to keep the distance measure accurate along with helping maintain the pace of run or walk. Various training modes help user understanding how to use the watch with best setting. The data collected during a training session can be displayed on a smartphone using the free Run Connect app. Also, it would be more convenient to control and program the setting on a smartphone.

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The watch also allows indoor setting if the workout place is a gymnasium.

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The Runsene SF-810 has extended battery life with 20 hours GPS battery life and 36 hours without GPS. The maker claims it as a high energy efficiency device. All watches are water resistant upto five atmospheres. The watch will be available in November 2014 for approximately £300. The SF-310 is cheaper at £150, but it doesn’t feature the stride sensor, indoor mode and even a vibration alert.

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