Elecom’s wristband-style OLED watch functions as sleep and fitness tracker


Some manufacturers have tread the route of raising funds for their wearable devices, while others have backed their own selves to launch new wearables; but one thing that has been common is all of them have been venturing into the every growing world of wearable devices. Latest to make its presence felt is Elecom in Japan, which has released a soft silicone wristband-style watch which doubles as an activity and sleep monitor. The stylish Elecom HCW-WAM01, scheduled for mid-September release, features an OLED display and is capable of measuring and recording wearer’s physical activity and sleep pattern courtesy its built-in accelerometer.


The wearable wristband can measure and record distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep activity and all the recorded data is sent to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Using a HELLO App, compatible with both Android and iOS, the user can check this data details for free. The app can save up to a week’s data, including number of steps taken hourly, calories burned daily and total hours of light sleep and deep sleep daily, all of which is properly charted for easy access and understanding.


Designed to be waterproof, thus rain and sweat resistant; the Elecom’s wonderful watch fitness tracker comes in Blue, Pink and Black colors. Accompanied with a USB cable for charging built-in lithium-ion battery, the tracker can be charged in two hours and can deliver five days of uninterrupted recording on a single charge. The Elecom HCW-WAM01 weighs 22g and is scheduled to retail for 6,980 Yen (approx. $70).

Elecom-wearable-sleep-and-fitness-tracker charger

Via: Elecom



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