Bitcoin Sound Wallet encrypts your secret keys on vinyl records

bitcoin sound wallet

Bitcoin is a 007 agent feeling for it’s all about secret keys, codes, encryption and anonymity. Send or receive money safely from any part of the world. Bitcoins are actually keys encrypted in codes. It doesn’t matter who has the access to your keys, they could drain all your wealth within a few seconds, and that sounds a very grievous trouble for digital currency users.

Paper wallet is the best way to safeguard your secret keys, but how about making it a bit geeky and kind of cool like the Bitcoin Sound Wallet has done. The Sound Wallet is actually a secret key recorded as audio files in a vinyl record. All you need is to download an application on your smartphone to decipher the audio code. The audio would sound like a noise to human ears, but all details will be displayed on your smartphone. That’s a pretty cleaver idea. The same could be done by writing a CD or DVD, but Theodore Goodman, the brain behind the project,argues that vinyl record is the best archive format. Its lifespan is far greater than that of CDs, DVDs, and magnetic tapes.


The official Sound Wallet website claims:

Records are the ultimate archive format. You could add the record to your record crate, put it in a frame and hang it on your wall, or store it in your safe. Where we are at now: We have been able to embed a private key in into audio and then read the private key using a spectroscope app on an android phone. The audio is about 30 seconds to one minute of noise for one key.

How cool it sounds to store your secret keys on a vinyl record hanged on your wall in disguise of a home decor item. It’s right there in front of every naked eye that could see it, but none of them could get any clue about it.

The Bitcointalk user, who created the The Bitcoin Sound Wallet highlights:

This record was hand shaped and individually cut in real time using a vintage 1940s Presto 75A recording lathe. It is a unique piece. It is not the same as a traditional pressed record. It was not made in a factory. It was hand carved from an 8ft sheet of polycarbonate plastic, shaped, sanded, waxed and cut in real time by one person.

However, the only disadvantage that the vinyl records poses is that of expensive writing process. Recording a vinyl requires specialized hardware like a record lathe, turntable, and blanks. The project was up for crowdfunding, but it could not achieve it. Still, the Bitcoin Sound Wallet is in production. Right now, the cost of a 7” vinyl wallet is 0.09 bitcons, while a CD wallet would cost you 0.02 bitcoins.

Via:Sound Wallet/ Coindesk



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