Mind Solutions develops first mobile EEG/BCI device

Mind Solutions EEG

Mind Solutions, Inc. (OTC – VOIS) has been working on a first of its kind EEG/BCI (Bone Conduction Implant) device for past many months. Recently, the company released photographs of the device. One can wear it around the ear like a common Bluetooth headset. The device uses a single dry sensor that receives EEG signal from within the ear.

Human brain would empower this mobile EEG device to operate smartphones and computer devices. That’s where the explanation goes into neurosciences. It’ll use the electric impulses to covert human thoughts into action. Well, that sounds exactly like science-fiction movies depict it. The recent one to watch, in which this mind-electronic stuff was shown very appropriately, would be the‘Pacific Rim’.

The company hasn’t released much specifications regarding the internal mechanism but just the design and function. The company’s patent plea is still pending. The patent status is pending on anatomical location of receiving EEG signals on the device from inside the ear. The technology has completed almost all the tests through prototype devices. The device is a perfect fit on both grounds, the functionality and ergonomics.
The company is expecting five final versions for Beta testing very soon. After this test, the device would be ready to go into production.

Recently, Joe Abrams, Co-Founder of MySpace, has collaborated with Mind Solutions, and has joined company’s Advisory Board. That hints at the distribution plans of the company on the completion of its EEG micro headset.

Via: PRNewsWire/Mind Solutions



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