Intel unveils hi-tech bracelet for women

MICA smart bracelet from Intel

MICA smart bracelet from Intel

Intel have introduced a smart wearable bracelet for women. Christened MICA which stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory, the smart bracelet comes with a curved sapphire touchscreen display. Expanding their business into wearable technology, Intel has developed the luxury bracelet in partnership with fashion house Opening Ceremony and Barneys. According to the makers, it is designed as an accessory first and tech product second. Besides offering a feminine style, MICA smart bracelet will provide alerts and notifications, including SMS messages, meeting alerts and calendar reminders. Also, the wearable will come with its own 3G cellular radio which means you won’t have to pair it with your smartphone to get the latest updates.

MICA smart bracelet from Intel

With a 1.6-inch sapphire touchscreen facing the inside of user’s wrist, the wearable gadget will be offered in two styles: One of the trendy bracelet will have black water-snake skin finish, pearls from China and lapis stones from Madagascar. The other style will feature white water-snake skin base, tiger’s eye stones from South Africa and obsidian from Russia. The luxury device can be charged wirelessly or using a USB cable. Expected to be priced under $1,000, MICA smart bracelet for women will be available at Opening Ceremony stores and luxury retailer Barneys New York. The wearable will be officially unveiled at Opening Ceremony’s spring/summer 2015 fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

Intel MICA luxury smart bracelet Intel MICA luxury smart bracelet


Via: PR/CNet



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