Sony’s new SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk for enhanced Lifelong experience

smartwatch 3 and smartband talk

Smartphone and wearable smart device manufacturers are gearing up to make lifeloggig a common activity. In September, many electronic world tycoons will jump into the pool of revolutionizing electronic market. Sony appears to have gained momentum to catch up with the digital world, and he has come up with a new line of smarwear, SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk. Both are like wrist-worn comuters aimed at pairing with Sony’s Lifelog activity tracker.

SmartWatch 3 SWR50 2]

SmartWatch 3 is the first device from Sony to run on Android Wear operating system for wearable devices. As compared to its predecessor, SmartWatch 2, the new version is sleeker in design and have got 1.6-inch 320×320 resolution LCD. The transreflective LCD display ensures the user could see information on the display clearly even in bright daylight.

SmartWatch 3 SWR50 6

A built-in storage of 4GB could carry music tracks, which one can listen by pairing it with a Bluetooth headset or headphones. The fun part begins when the data collected is synchronized with Sony’s Lifelog smartphone app. The user could carry on tracking each and every move made during the day without having a smartphone around. It’ll keep track of communication records, the steps you took, movies or TV shows you watched during whole day.

SmartWatch 3 SWR50 5

Even without a smartphone, this watch is full of additional features like built-in microphone, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro and GPS sensor technology. The lifeloggers would find it a more sophisticated tool. The SmartWatch 3 is designed for a premium look, and a stainless steel back panel ads to the look.

Sony isn’t alone, LG has already revealed its LG G Watch R, and Motorola would be joining the smartwear market with its Moto 360 debut on September 4, 2014, while ASUS is preparing to launch its ZenWatch. Apple’s iWatch was due to be revealed on September 9, but appears like we won’t see iWatch before 2015 as per the reports.
smartband talk

Along with SmartWatch 3, Sony has also introduced a SamrtBand Talk. The wearable device is meant for dedicated activity tracking. A built-in microphone enables user to make quick phone calls, for which, of course, it requires coupling with a smartphone. The dedicated band tracks users daily activities like how far the user has walked, distance covered, or how high one climbed using a altimeter.

smartband talk 2

It comes with a 1.4-inch e-ink display, which indeed sips battery power, and lasts upto only three days on a full charge. Fitbit and Nike claim a much longer battery life with their activity tracking devices.
Like SmartWatch 3, the SmartBand Talk is compatible with Sony’s LIfelog app, which means a user cold use it like daily diary of events.

Both devices are waterproof2 (IP68 rated), and can survive for 30 minutes under 3 feet of water. While SmartWatch will be available in Classic (Black) and Sport (Lime) editions, with extra colour straps available in Pink and White after launch with a price tag of €229 , the SmartBand Talk will cost €159. Sony is likely to debut both devices in this autumn.

UPDATE: Sony Smartwatch 3 is going to be launched this week and the Smartwatch 3 holder kit will be launched in the coming weeks. This will allow the user to customize the watch with watch straps in black or brown options.

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