IMS connected car platform to make drivers smarter and safer

IMS Connected Car Experience

IMS Connected Car Experience

Ontario-based Intelligent Mechatronic Systems have unveiled the IMS Connected Car Experience through an automotive technology platform that transforms any vehicle into a fully connected car. The aim of the technology is to make drivers smarter, safer, greener and more productive on the road by demonstrating real-time driver coaching, driver health monitoring integrated with wearable devices and distraction-free technology. With a portfolio of 145 patents, leaders in connected car technology are displaying a unique, real-time experience with a drivable vehicle that is powered from their latest DriveSync platform.

The platform will allow to prepare data for the expected driver behaviors through insight gained from the wearable technology. Sleep patterns, glucose monitoring levels and abnormal heart rate detection will be observed to signal driver drowsiness and potential health risks. The DriveSync will examine the weather and traffic information to forecast expected road conditions before each journey. Unsafe behaviors such as dangerous speeding, harsh cornering and tailgating will be observed while driving and the drivers will be given personalized audible coaching. The DriveSync connected car platform will also provide a broad usage-based insurance solution to benefits customers all around the globe with: automotive incident detection, first notice of loss, claims management, green driving reports and integrated roadside assistance. The IMS Connected Car Experience was unveiled yesterday at the Insurance Telematics USA conference in Chicago and is also available today for drive and experience.

IMS Connected Car Experience



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