Twist:ID lets you forget all your passwords

TwistID by Juliette Neveu

Remembering all the passwords of our different accounts across the web is a mindboggling task. Well, here is a simple solution that will free you from all the hassle of storing and memorizing your passwords. Twist:ID by digital designer Juliette Neveu is a connected piece of jewelry that manages all your passwords to access online data by accumulating a combination of shapes. Each account is linked to different shape of the cubes and each twist gives access to the user without having to use a password. Combining digital identity to the physical world, the smart gadget connects to any type of interface and stays with its owner all day along.

The cube can take any preferred configuration to connect with the account of the users with a simple twist. Each side of Twist:ID is equipped with a smart Bluetooth sensor and when it comes in contact with another recognized side, the device connects to the interface and opens matching accounts. To start with, you can synchronize the smart device by linking your accounts to it with the help of an interface. The Twist: ID project by Juliette Neveu was presented at the World Digital Festival at Futur en Seine in Paris in June 2014.

TwistID by Juliette Neveu

TwistID by Juliette Neveu



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