A robotic boat capable of thinking for itself during emergency situations

QUT robotic boat-2 With the motive to improve face of autonomous marine vehicles, a teams of Queensland University of Technology students are developing a robotic boat which will be capable of thinking for itself, thus taking its own decisions in the most dangerous situations. Dubbed as Bruce, the robotic boat will make waves at the first ever Maritime RobotX Challenge in Singapore on October 20-26. 

Currently, the robotic boats can navigate using GPS, but fail to adapt to changing environment in case of emergency. Bruce however will be first of its kind boat, which is designed to take on rescue and search operations in grim weathers when it may be too dangerous to send out marine personal into the waters. QUT robotic boat The boat’s first real test will be against global competitors at the Maritime RobotX Challenge, where it will be pitted against 15 other competitive marine vehicles by teams from, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, USA and Australia. To compete at the challenge, each team was provided with a 5 meter long inflatable hull, and have been expected to develop hardware, software, motors and sensors for it by themselves. QUT robotic boat-3 Thus, each entry at the event will be designed with an objective to promote development of autonomous (driverless) boats that can be used for rescue and search operations, during maritime accidents, oil spills or plane crashes. At the Maritime RobotX Challenge QUT’s Bruce would be required to complete five missions. It would have to move between markers, dock at a port, march through and obstacle course, interpret marine signals and locate objects underwater. This is when the real potential of robotic marine craft will be made obvious. QUT robotic boat-5 Via: QUT



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