Wearable heart rate monitor for your chest, displays data on smartphone


Wearable heart rate monitoring devices have become big market grabbers off late. While some of them target single metric like blood pressure, there are others that track more cardiovascular data including heart rate, and other activity levels. One thing that’s common with almost all of these heart rate monitors is that they are wearable on the wrist. In order to give fitness freaks and people suffering with heart diseases an easier way to track their heart rate; University of Veterinary and Life Sciences (in a collaborative effort) has come up with Heartomo (Hatomo) – a ultra-small sensor that sticks (using electrode) on to the chest and provides heart rate and other cardiovascular data on the user’s smartphone using a free app (compatible with Android and iOS).

The smart sensor weighs only 13 grams and is sensitive enough to determine even slightest disturbance in the wearer’s heart rate. Interestingly, the sensor collects all the data and lets you see it on your smartphone, additionally it also stores the gathered data in cloud for analysis. Your physician can access the cloud and keep a constant attention on your heart condition.

A worthy device for anyone suffering with serious heart disease – using it doctors can keep a continuous check on their patient, even when the patient isn’t around.

The lightweight wearable device is made for everyday life, you can wear it 24X7 and have your heart data recorded all the while. If you want the Heartomo to keep check on the state of your heart, you can take one home for ¥ 19,800 (roughly. $200).

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