Motorola’s Moto Hint earbud reinvents future of hands-free experience

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Once futuristic looking gadgets, especially wearable technologies, are flooding the market. Sony had revealed its SmartWatch 3 and SmartTalk Band a couple of days ago, while other accessories like health trackers and lifelogging tools are becoming handy, wearable.

However, Motorola seems to be in a haste to bring the future as early as it could be. Moto Hint, a wireless earbud that connects with your smartphone and is completely voice-controlled, is the new buzz in the market. The earpiece is much smaller than a conventional Bluetooth headset and fits perfectly almost inside your ear cavity. It is a compact Bluetooth device that functions and feels better than those available in the market.

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Like the Iron Man’s Jarvis suite, you can almost talk to it and it’ll talk back to you. Ask questions like, “What’s today’s forecast? or “How do I get home?” and you’ll get instant answers. You can command it to read recently received messages, receive and make phone calls, play music tracks etc., – all of it without touching your smartphone.

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Another futuristic touch is the automatic on/off mechanism. You put it in your ear and it gets activated and paired with smartphone itself, and turns off automatically as soon as you take it out. With charging case, which comes bundled with two extra chargers, the Moto Hint can give you 10 hours of uninterrupted talktime, while the standby time is three days.

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It’s also compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and lets you enjoy hands-free calling experience with upto 150 feet of range.

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Maybe, it sounds like a Bluetooth device, but it is not a Bluetooth feeling. It’s not meant to be taken off, rather it’ll be there inside your ear all the time. That’s the future, and Moto Hint is actually a hint of how near we are to the futuristic fantasy tech-world which was once real in science-fiction movies until recent years.

The device costs $149 and comes in a variety of shades, i.e., fabric, leather and wood, to match the Moto X.

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One question that might bug you would be, “Will wearing it in one ear all day long block or reduce other sounds coming from outside?” Well, the developer has taken good care of this legit concern, hence have incorporated audio passthrough feature. So, how does that sound like – future?

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