Triumph-F1: JAVAD GNSS reveals its new UAV

Triumph-F1 from JAVAD

JAVAD, manufacturer of GNSS systems for real-time position fixing is all set to introduce its new unmanned aerial vehicle. Dubbed Triumph-F1, the drone is based on company’s field-tested high-precision geodetic GNSS receiver, Triumph-1. The receiver comes with 864 channels to track all current and future GNSS signals. Equipped with four detachable motor arms, the Triumph-F1 functions as a TRIUMPH-1 base on the ground. For field use, the Triumph-F1 UAV can be attached to a pole mount through four screw inserts in the bottom.

The eight propeller motors of the UAV are powered by four lithium polymer batteries which are arranged in a stacked quad formation. Each battery have a test button and LEDs to indicate the current charge level and accessible ports for easy charging too. The Triumph-F1 from JAVAD comes with two micro-SD slots for recording images, a SIM card slot, Wi-Fi and a USB connector for uploading flight plans and downloading collected images. It features indicators devoted to satellite tracking, communications, flight status and gyro. There are four angled documentation cameras in the Triumph-F1 and a downward high-precision camera for photogrammetry. Scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015, the quadcopter will be exhibited at InterGeo from October 7-9 in Berlin.

Triumph-F1 from JAVAD

Via: GPSworld



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