Intel and Fossil collaboration to fuel wearable tech trend

intel capital and fossil collaborate

Wearable tech boom is getting lauder with each passing day. Samsung, Sony, Intel, Apple, each and everyone is coming out with their wearable gadgets like smartwatches, smartrings, bracelets etc. After Intel launched the first smart bracelet, MICA, the chipmaker has now announced its collaboration with the Fossil Group, a company specializing in fashion accessories, especially watches. According to Intel, in order to support and keep up with the emerging trends in wearable technology world, this collaboration was inevitable.

Wearable technologies and the fashion world are getting interconnected. The innovators and gadget makers are looking to fit computers into wearable fashion accessories. The main target is fashion-orient consumers community. Fossil Group is a global design, marketing and distribution company, and it’s specialized in consumer lifestyle and fashion accessories. A number of Fossil products including men’s and women’s fashion accessories, leather goods, and clothing are already in the market. On the other hand, Intel is the leading manufacturer of hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, mobility, consumer Internet, digital media and semiconductor since 1991. Intel is hoping to get iconic products from this collaboration of two specialists.

Kosta Kartsotis, Chief Executive Officer of Fossil Group, commented:

We are very excited about collaborating with Intel and working to develop the next innovation in the emerging wearable technology space. Combining our fashion lifestyle brands with Intel’s expertise in technology, hardware and innovation will position us to be a leader in this segment.

The fossil group will also work closely with Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization. It’ll aid them to identify and observe co-investments in the emerging technologies to boost the wearable tech industry with an aim to claim forefront of wearable space. Thalmic Labs and Basis have already received investments from Intel Capital.

In nutshell, you can hope to see some high-tech and fashionable wearable accessories in the coming days. Intel isn’t the only one with an eye for wearable tech trend. Almost every giant in the electronic world is, in one way or other, are looking to plunge into the fashion world.

Via: Intel Newsroom



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