Australian man implants microchip to control electronics with wave of his hand

Ben Slater microchip implant

What’s the furthest you can go to display your fascination with future of technology? Line up for weeks outside Apple stores ahead of an iPhone launch? Well, an Australian named Ben Slater has taken his fascination with future of technology to a new high; he has implanted a RFID microchip under his skin to store his personal information and control electronics with just a wave of his hand.

Measuring as small as a grain of rice, the microchip was injected into Slater’s left hand by a syringe at a Melbourne-based tattoo parlor a couple of weeks ago. This act is seen as an enthusiast’s eagerness for the iPhone 6, which could possess capabilities to read the microchip implanted in the hand and allow Slater to do a lot of different things with it.

Ben Slater microchip implant in hand

Currently, the microchip allows him to store contacts and pass information to the smartphone via NFC. It also lets Slater switch lights on and off with wave of his hand or even open a secure doors that recognizes the chip in his hand. The chip can also be used to activate a car’s ignition.

Via: MailOnline



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