3D Robotics’s IRIS+ drone records your every move autonomously

3D Robotics IRIS+

The era of UAV drones is upon us. And 3D Robotics is doing all it can to get us into the trend. With its latest release – IRIS+ that takes the GoPro up in the air to capture what you’re doing – we’re surely getting driven. Recording yourself with a drone hasn’t been made so simple ever before; with the IRIS+ however, you can simply hook a GoPro to the drone and have your personal footage captured in real time.

Included with “follow me” technology on-board, the 3DR’s IRIS+ can be setup easily to follow any GPS-enabled Android device. The quadcopter gets a gimbal, which can control the camera stability in-flight and provide error-free photos and videos of your every move.

3D Robotics IRIS+ drone

The 3D Robotics quadcopter also comes with a DroidPlanner app. An app which can be used to plan the drone’s flight by simply drawing a plan on any Android-powered device. In-flight, the IRIS+ can let the camera focus on the same location all the while; and permits the user to carry out automated mission planning using a Mac, Linux or a Windows computer, in addition to an Android device.

The IRIS+ features 15 minutes of flying time with gimbal and camera and about 20 minutes without it. It comes with screw-on, self-tightening propellers and a joystick-style controller, which can control the drone from over 3,000 feet away. 3D Robotics quadcopter will start selling on September 15 at roughly $750. You can add a $210 gimbal and a camera to it.

3D Robotics IRIS+ quadcopter

Via: 3DRobotics/Gizmodo



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