World’s first 3D haptic-technology for immersive sensory augmented reality

Miraisens Haptic technology wearable device

Getting virtual reality to seamlessly amalgamate with what our physical augmentation is going to experience is not an easy task. There needs to be perfect cohesion between what we see in the augmented visual experience, the sounds we hear and definably what we touch. Japanese firm MIRAISENS Inc. has come up with the world’s first 3D-Haptics Technology to make this possible. For this, one has to put on the virtual-reality headset like Oculus Rift and a wrist-mounted device that can be in the form of a clip, coin-shaped object or a pen. The device then reproduces tactile sensation, making one feel as if he/she is touching or pushing a real object.

Miraisens Haptic technology wearable device

A good application of this technology is while gaming, when one has to push the start or stop button to initiate an action. This Haptic device is perfectly made to function with other wearable devices and not only manages to reproduce the pressure sensation, but also the tactile sensation and kinesthetic force sensation.

Another application of this technology is its use with 3D printing where one can feel the texture and shape of the final 3D printed object. Also it can be used in industries where robots control the manufacturing process to get a sense of physical objects remotely.

MIRAISENS 3D-Haptics Technology gives us a peek into the future of wearable and augmented reality environment where virtual reality is going to be much closer to the real sensory experience that we humans are accustomed to.

You can expect to see the Haptic-technology device in beta version to be ready by spring 2015 and before that the company will have a technical workshop somewhere in the US by November 2014.

Via: DigitalTrends



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