In-depth look at the Apple Watch – first wearable fitness device from Apple

Apple Watch

After months of speculation, Apple finally launched its first wearable device – it’s not the rumored iWatch, but it’s called the Apple Watch. So, finally Apple has gone without its customary ‘i’ in the name. The wearable computer, with main focus of keeping track on your health is a smartwatch, which can be controlled using a small watch crown.

Design and Display

Coming from the house of Apple, famous for designing most appealing device, the Apple watch is indeed very pleasing to the eye. With a sapphire screen (sadly the iPhone 6 missed the rumored glass display), the watch doesn’t feature a circular screen, instead it comes in a rectangular design with six different replaceable straps.

The best part of the Apple Watch design is how you can control it. You have a digital crown known as the spinny knob that lets you adjust time and toggle between features (so, there’s no need for fancy touchscreen), but the watch does have a touchscreen display too.

The watch become even more fancy and interesting with the straps. It comes with different material straps including leather and metal. The watch is designed in two variants – a smaller one for ladies and a larger one for men.

The Apple Watch runs a modified version of the mobile iOS, it takes touch input and also responds to pressure inputs – taps and presses can be used for different types of inputs. It also takes commands from SIRI. The watch also comes with haptic feedback, so it can also return you force feedback. Though its real function is unknown, Apple informed that it works with Apple Maps – it vibrates the watch to let you know your direction.

Features and Apps

The Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and later. It features NFC chip, which means even the watch takes best of Apple Pay – to make payments using the watch. The Apple Watch is designed to keep time, and according to CEO Tim Cook, the watch is accurate up to 50 milliseconds.

In addition the Apple Watch is designed to keep you fit and healthy. The watch features a host of sensors to monitor heart rate and has accelerometer to keep track of your movement. It also take advantage of your iPhone’s GPS and Wi-Fi to keep track on how long you sit, stand or walk. The watch keeps track of what you do on a daily basis and instigates you to beat your calorie goals daily.

Price and Availability

The Apple Watch isn’t ready for sale yet. According to Apple, the watch will be available by spring of 2015. And when it sells, it will come with starting price of $350.

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