SideSwipe will let you control your phone with in-air hand gestures


Are you looking for an alternative way to use your phone because you’re sick of the buttons and touchscreens? For your love, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a way to control your smartphone with in-air gestures above and around the device. The novel system called SideSwipe will be that unique and interesting way, you always wanted, to let you interact with the phone without using touchscreens or physical buttons.

SideSwipe is basically a system created to leverage actual GSM signal to detect hand gesture over and around the phone. The team behind SideSwipe says:

We developed an algorithm to convert the bursty reflected GSM pulses to a continuous signal that can be used for gesture recognition.

The SideSwipe which is work-in-progress, will have three gesture control modes. One to gesture down towards the phone to put it to silent, the other to swipe right to send a text (predefined), and finally to tap the phone to decline an incoming call.

The first prototype of the SideSwipe has antennas and receiver onboard. Antennas are placed on four edges of a PCB board, and are connected to a RF detector in the center of the board. With every antenna providing a different radiation pattern, researchers get different signal fluctuations and frequencies when the gesture is being performed.

So, when a user waves hand over the phone, the movement of the hand disturbs signal between phone’s receiver and antennas. This vibration is captured by SideSwipe and used for recognizing gestures.




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