4MM Jetpack enhances running capabilities for a super-humanly sprint

Running Jetpack by Jason Kerestes and DARPA

If you thought that jetpacks can just propel you into the sky for a seamless flight, then you got to have a look at this. A wearable jetpack called 4MM that is developed by Jason Kerestes in close association with Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) for enhanced running capabilities. This jetpack is called 4MM because it denotes 4 Minute Mile goal which signifies achieving a distance of four miles running in just 4 minutes. The prototype of this jetpack is being tested and refined by Jason to enhance the capabilities of a soldier in the battlefield or perhaps to make a commercially available jetpack that turns you into a superhuman.

This project is a part of the ASU program called iProjects that brings the technology industry and students together for coming up with solution to real-world problems. 4MM jetpack weighs around 11.2lb and is carried around by the wearer in a harness on the back. While running, this jetpack sits comfortably on the lower backside and as the person starts running it gives a very balanced thrust to shave off the running time and also preserve the energy for longer stints of run.

Running Jetpack by Jason Kerestes and DARPA

These features make the jetpack ideal for enhancing the capability of a soldier on the battlefront, thereby giving them superhuman like ability which provides a tactical advantage in the battlefield. In the tests conducted over a 200 meters of distance, the runner managed to shave-off around 18 seconds of time when wearing the jetpack as compared to a normal run.

Via: PocketLint/Gizmodo



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