Dutch inventors turn 13 year old’s dead pet into a ratcopter

Ratcopter by Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen

Dutch inventors Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen who have amazed us with their bizarre creations such as OstrichCopter and Orvillecopter in the past are back with their latest creation in the form of world’s first radio-controlled ratcopter. The artists have made this creation for the 13-year-old Pepeijn Bruins who was shattered after losing his cancer-stricken rat. To keep the memories of his beloved pet alive, the kid wanted to do something special. He had seen Bart and Arjen and their flying cat, so he asked his father if he they can create a flying rat. Thus, his father contacted the Dutch artists who after hearing the sad story of the boy immediately agreed to take the project.

According to the creators, the flying rat project was different from the flying cat one as the rodent was extremely light weight and small in size. So, instead of using four rotors as in their previous creation, they used only three for the rat. The stuffed rat drone has three propellers and an on-board computer, which receives directions from the remote control. We hope the flying rat drone brings a smile to the face of the kid. The bizarre and unique projects of the inventors were showcased in a TV documentary called All Creatures Great and Stuffed on 10 September.

Ratcopter by Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen

Via: Odditycentral



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