3D printed communication device invented by teenager works by analyzing breaths

Talk ACC device by Arsh Shah Dilbagi

The absence of communication has a major effect on the lives of people suffering from developmental disabilities like Parkinson, Down syndrome, Locked-in syndrome, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), speech impairments like Dysarthria etc. This was the inspiration behind the ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) gadget invented by Arsh Shah Dilbagi aka Robo, a 16-year-old student from DAV Public School, Panipat, India. Dubbed as Talk, this innovative gadget is developed using 3D printing technology and also got him a place in the top 15 Google Science Fair 2014 global finalists. The winner will get a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands, a visit to Virgin Galactic Spaceport and $50,000 in scholarship funding.

Talk is a very new kind of ACC device for people suffering from speech impairment that uses the breath of the person to decode it into Morse codes for communication. Unlike other ACC devices available in the market that use eye tracking for communication, Arsh’s gadget could be made commercially available for under $100 once it gets into the production stage.

Talk ACC device by Arsh Shah Dilbagi

The current prototype version of Talk comes with sensors that that are connected to a micro-electrical-mechanical system (MEMS) microphone which decodes the Morse code of the breaths and then converts then to words and sentences for communication.

When asked about this invention, Arsh added by saying that

In nutshell, Talk has the potential to change the world by enabling people with disorders like LIS, ALS etc., speech impairments like Dysarthria and even Mutes to communicate and interact with the world like never before. It’s my turn to change the world.

Talk ACC device by Arsh Shah Dilbagi

Talk also featured on the Indiegogo platform for funding amount of $1,779 USD, but failed to amass the amount in the stipulated time period. However, the invention seems good and its only time before he will get it into the market, backed-up by smart investors or government aiding. It surely is one one of the teenage inventions that will help the community in a big way, well done Arsh and best of luck for the future.

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