Stealth fashion clothing makes your mobile phone invisible to hackers and spies

1984 stealth fashion by The Affair

The collection features removable pockets made from police-grade shielding fabrics

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives but they also raises questions regarding the privacy concerns of an individual. With authorities, spies and hackers capable of tracking movements of a person through mobile phone signals, we are in desperate need of an efficient mobile privacy system. Subjecting the issue, a London-based firm called The Affair have developed a new clothing range that will block the signals of your mobile phone from reaching hackers and spies. Combining the colors and workwear styling of George Orwell’s novel 1984, the stealth fashion collection comes with removable pockets that are made from police-grade shielding fabrics.

Named the UnPocket, the removable pockets allow you to become untrackable and unhackable by creating a Faraday cage that blocks all mobile, Wi-Fi, GPS and RFID signals to ~100 dB. Measuring 4.25 x 6.25 inches, the UnPocket can also be used to hold passports and contactless banks cards, thus making them invisible to thieves and online hackers. The project is currently on the Kickstarter campaign and is hoping to raise $40,200 for the next step of production. The shirts and chinos are priced at $95 each and the blazer at $115. The jacket will retail for $125 while the UnPockets will come with a price tag of $29.

1984 stealth fashion by The Affair

1984 stealth fashion by The Affair

1984 stealth fashion by The Affair



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