Trend Coaster lets you surf the trending internet wave, literally!

Trend Coaster Yahoo Japan

We are all acquainted with the term riding the internet wave, essentially used when you surf the internet for long durations, virtually riding a wave of information. Taking cues from this, in Japan people are now able to surf the internet literally on a roller coaster ride with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset providing all the visual elements. Yahoo being the search engine giant in Japan, is used for this roller coaster ride, as one gets on-board a roller-coaster simulator which provides all the physical input just like a racing simulator. As you go on the ride you’ll see all the relevant pictures, quotes, tweets etc. to make the ride visually appealing.

Called as the Trend Coaster, this roller coaster from Yahoo Japan analyses the keyword you enter at the beginning and then based on the trending of that keyword it produces the roller coaster ride path. All you have to do is put on the VR headset and get ready for the thrilling ride. More trending the keyword is, the ride is going to be equally exciting. For example the current trending keywords like iPhone 6 will shoot you to thrill instantly as they will be searched more on the internet at that given instance of time.

Trend Coaster Yahoo Japan

The Trend Coaster ride is free of charge and it was showcased at the Tokyo Leisure Land till 15 September. And on 17 and 18 September it will be available in AD Tech Tokyo. So, if you happen to be in Tokyo then make sure you take this thrilling ride, and don’t forget to choose a very popular and trending keyword to make it all worth.

Via: Kotaku



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