Wearable K is Kia Motors’ take on future of personal mobility

Kia Motors Wearable K

Kia Motors did manage to create waves at the Busan International Motor Show not only with its automotive technology but also with its vision for the future wearable technology. They showed off the Wearable K personal mobility device made under its Future Mobility Lab. This wearable gadget hooks onto your shoes and thereafter you can traverse any road at the top speed of 15 km/h for a distance of 10 km on one charge. The wearable gadget with roller blades hooks onto the feet (with or without shoes) and has two tires each for maximum stability.

These car shoes show how the future of mobility is going to change the way we live in our world. Kia Motors has a far sighted vision for wearable transportation methods therefore it is investing its resources in the Wearable K. this prototype by Kia was also selected as the excellent project at the R&D Idea Festival held at the Namyang R&D Center.

Kia Motors Wearable K

Source: Kia



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