Intel teams up with Oregon State University students to create a smart helmet

Smart helmet by Oregon State University & Intel

Intel have partnered with students at Oregon State University to create a smart safety helmet for cyclists. Referred as black box helmet, the built-in sensors record data and happenings during the crash. It is connected to a smartphone and comes equipped with accelerometers, above-the-ear speakers, a microphone, an LED headlamp and a 3.7V, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery to offer information to the rider. In case of an accident, it can make emergency calls on the behalf of the cyclist and can also assist the medical authorities by providing them the recorded data.

The smart helmet currently syncs with an Android app on smartphones to transfer information including the ride distance, speed and the path. However, the main operation of the helmet is to capture the events that occurs during and after the crash. In the case of an accident, the smartphone app immediately communicates with the biker through the helmet speakers and microphone asking him if he needs help. If the victim says yes or does not respond, the app will contact emergency services on his behalf.

The rider can also be asked several medical questions to see if he had hurt himself badly. All this data is recorded that can be analyzed after the event by the doctors to better understand the incident. The black box smart helmet is currently in prototype stage and there in no word on the release date and pricing.

Smart helmet by Oregon State University & Intel

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